Steelhead offers STAR BRITE bottle wash detergent as the recommended cleaning agent for your Steelhead washers. STAR BRITE is non-hazardous,, economical to use and will not create residue on your bottles or in your washer. It’s non-foaming, so it can be used in high pressure washers s a spray wash compound designed to clean polycarbonate, PET, copolyester and PVC bottles in washers that subject the cleaning solution to extreme pressure or agitation. A unique surfactant package functions as a cleaner and foam suppressant in washers that create foam due to mechanical design.

STAR BRITE removes the ink applied by standard ink jet date coding equipment. The product contains no caustic or silicate since these materials can cause crazing of polycarbonate, PET and PVC bottles. This crazing gives the bottle a hazy appearance and significantly reduces its useful life.

Bottles cleaned with STAR BRITE have approximately three times the life of bottles washed with caustic solutions. An added benefit of the absence of caustic and silicate is that a white, and powdery residue will not form on washer walls, clog spray nozzles or pumps.

STAR BRITE has excellent rinsing properties that carry throughout the cleaning process, allowing water to sheet evenly off the bottles. This sheeting action leaves the bottles sparkling with a good appearance when filled. STAR BRITE‘s ability to rinse off quickly and completely significantly reduces drag out or carryover into the final stages of the washer.

STAR SOLUTIONS, INC. has designed STAR BRITE for use in a spray washer, dip tank, or by swabbing or brushing. Recommended concentration for a spray washer is 1 to 2% by volume with water at 120°F to 140°F. Recommended concentration for a dip tank, swab, or brush cleaning application is 2.0 to 4.0% by volume with water. Cleaning with STAR BRITE should be followed by a potable water rinse and a sanitizing rinse.

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