Our Core Values

Steelhead serves the world as a leader in engineered solutions for the success of our customers and the people they serve. Our commitment has been to provide the safest and most cost efficient solution for over 40 years.


Steelhead is a family. A family that supports one another and holds each other accountable for the commitments we have made to one another and to the customers we serve. Steelhead is focused on the development of each individual as it contributes to the success of our team. Each member of our team works to make sure no one is left to feel they have not contributed or is left to bear the weight of single handedly letting down the rest of the team. We look after one another and take a personal interest in each other.  We come to the defense of one another when a wrong has occurred, and work together for the good of our company and our customers.  We generate loyalty to each other through the fostering of genuine community.  This attitude reaches to our extended families, customers and vendors.  Just as importantly, we recognize the importance of each member’s family in their lives and support their desire to spend time at home with family and to make them feel a part of a larger purpose.


We choose to recognize each other, as well as vendors, extended families, and customers for their contribution to our greater good.  We strive to never take the extra effort of someone for granted.


We stay open to new ideas and adjust to change when needed.  We take on new tasks and acquire new skills when available.  We commit to bend and flex as much as possible to meet the needs of individuals, inside and outside the doors of the company.

Fierce Innovation

We always look to see if there is a better way to do something.  This applies to everything from product development to filing.  We will not settle for doing something just because that is the way it was always done.

Responsible Citizenship

We are loyal to those we serve and support, and will adhere to the code of conduct and to the commitments for which we are obligated.  This covers obeying the laws of the company, and the community.  It covers meeting the obligations of debts and paying taxes.  It means we keep our property clean and presentable as well as ourselves, and that we answer when called upon to perform our duty.


We never give up in the face of adversity.  We will push through obstacles with whatever effort is required to accomplish our greater purpose and to meet the obligations promised.


In everything we do, we will be honest.  We will hold ourselves accountable to being truthful in our words and actions.