Steelhead systems are produced in accordance with the standard regulations for human consumption and provides documented results to present auditors as new FSMA regulatory requirements are implemented.

Steelhead is currently working with the International Bottled Water Association (IBWA) and other major bottlers in developing test methods and equipment supporting studies of Ozone contact time (CT) values as it relates to product water treatment.

Our sanitize section which utilizes ozone has been tested to ANSI STD 169 with a documented 6-log reduction (99.9999%) of bacteria including E. coli. This type documentation is provided to our customers in support of their plant audits.


Green Solutions

Every Drop Counts. This is our philosophy when it comes to building efficient systems. We are always striving to reduce both energy and water usage in our design and production of bottling and water treatment systems.

This effort can be found in our bottle washer systems, which employ water recapture methods and reduced wash water flow principles that allow bottles to be sanitized with minimal waste water without jeopardizing performance. It can also be found in our water treatment solutions such as our reverse osmosis systems, which are designed to significantly minimize reject water (wastewater).

Steelhead is also leading the industry with the development of mobile water treatment and waste water recycle solutions, which are being implemented in the oil and other industries.

In addition to water usage, we are always striving to improve utility efficiency as it relates to both energy and air usage. This includes use of energy efficient components and design practices as it relates to all our equipment and solutions. We’re always striving to improve our washer performance as it relates to energy usage in heating of wash solution by working with both detergent suppliers, regulatory, and construction techniques in lowering both temperature requirements and energy loss and usage.