About Steelhead

45 years ago, Steelhead was created for a single purpose - to design and manufacture equipment for the bottled water industry. We focused on returnable bottles and Steelhead built a first-class line of equipment. We have not stopped building first-class equipment ever since.

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Steelhead is a privately owned company incorporating engineering, design, manufacturing, sales, administration, customer service and support all from our factory in San Antonio, TX.

Steelhead has been the undisputed innovator in the industry, bringing solutions from the first mineral injection system and the first one-operator bottling system, to the most effective ozone sterilization system available. We never rest when it comes to product innovation, and our latest production systems are a perfect example. Our washer and filler designs have turned the competition on its heels and set a new standard for the industry.Our excellent and growing reputation comes not only from Steelhead’s manufacturing and innovation, but also our amazing customer service. Service and support to our worldwide customer base is our priority and it is the reason that we have maintained a top place in the industry for four decades.

With equipment placed in over 70 countries and an extensive customer base that is growing by the day, it is easy to see that Steelhead is the industry leader. Your success is our #1 priority. Give us a call today, or come by and visit anytime.

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