Remote Monitoring

Steelhead's Remote Monitoring Water Treatment System

Steelhead’s Remote Monitoring systems for water treatment measures and tracks all parameters and automatically adjusts or alarms when out of range.  View from anywhere including your cell phone.

Steelhead’s 5-Gallon, high-speed water bottling machines are built with proven technology. Our systems are built to last and easy to maintain. As a result, our water bottling machines are trusted by the top brands in the HOD industry worldwide. Standard 5 Gallon Bottling line includes the following;

  • Washer with fully automated wash and rinse cycles
  • High Speed capper
  • Linear filler system
  • Capping – Press-on and screw cap options
  • Stainless steel conveyor
  • De-Capper and Capper
  • Steri-60 Ozone System

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