Ultra 350

The Steelhead Ultra series is designed with the small to medium size bottler in mind. Everything from ease of use to footprint has been taken into consideration. Our Ultra system is the ultimate answer for your

Ultra 350 Specification

  • Automatically Washes, Fills, And Caps Up To 350 Five-Gallon Bottles Per Hour
  • One Person Operation
  • One Bottle Load & Unload Per Cycle
  • Made of Heavy Duty 12 GA. Stainless Steel
  • DC Speed Controlled Gear Drive Motor for Precise Bottle Movement in Washer
  • Non Contact, 2 position, 2 Stage, Automatic Filling System Eliminates Cross-Contamination and Bottle Pressurization
  • Quick Latch Removable Large Tank and Window Access
  • PLC, Motor Starters, and Controls in a NEMA 4 Enclosure
  • Low Profile Allows For Good Observation Of Process
  • Exclusive Bottle Neck Sprays Integrated In Washer
  • Recirculated Wash Fluids


**Heated Detergent Solution Wash 60 Sec
**Post Wash Rinse with Recirculated Water 20 Sec
**Sanitizing Rinse with 0.5 Ozonated Water 40 Sec
**Final Rinse with Fresh Water 10 Sec



  • Complete Gas or Electric Heat System and Controls
  •  ALL Stainless Steel Spray Nozzles in Washer
  • Automatic Level Control and Detergent Makeup in Wash Tank
  • Automatic Ozone Sterilization System for Bottle Sterilization
  • Corona Discharge Ozone Generator with Air Treatment Unit
  • Internal and External CPVC Piping and Connectors
  • Drain Manifold System for Single Point Connection
  • Man-Machine Interface Control System
  • FDA Approved Pressurized Fill Room with Hospital Grade Inlet Filter
  • Stainless Steel Cap Sorter and Delivery System
  • Automatic S.S. Overhead Cap Hopper



  • Product Water Cap Rinse
  • 3-Gallon Fill Set – 10.75” Dia. Bottle – Manual Changeover
  • 6-Gallon Fill Set – Manual Changeover
  • 480V 3 ph Option for Wash Solution Heater
  • LP Gas Option for Wash Solution Heater
  • Step Down Transformer Option (No 120V AC available)
  • Semi-Automatic De-capper
  • Minimum Spare Parts Package
  • Recommended Spare Parts Package
  • Extensive Spare Parts Package

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