See what they’re saying about Steelhead’s products, people and services.

Jon Ove, President

Century Springs

“”We have a great partner with the team at Steelhead.” We were in the market to replace our very old washer/filler. David was extremely knowledgeable and helpful in the sales process. He asked the right questions and truly understood our needs. The machine was delivered on time. Installation went smoothly and we were up and running. Our machine has been a solid performer. When the machine has needed attention the service team has been outstanding both in terms of their knowledge and timeliness. Our downtime for repairs has been close to zero for over three years. We trust Steelhead and view them as a partner to our success. Their product reliable and you can trust them to do the right thing.”

Kevin Beavers, Owner

Culligan of Seymour, IN

“Steelhead was by far the most responsive vendor to our initial inquiry when we started the process of getting our bottling plant up and running. They listened to my needs and came up with a proposal to fit my operation and budget. David came in for a personal presentation and once the sale was completed followed up several times to make sure all the details were covered during the manufacturing of our system. They were helpful at all stages of our project and promptly followed through with anything we required to get up and running. Their after sale support has been excellent, promptly responding to any issue we had to keep us in production. I would not hesitate to recommend Steelhead to anyone.”

Bernie Coleman, President

Pacific Allied Products, Ltd.

“Pacific Allied Product, Ltd. is remotely located 2,500 miles from the furthest land mass in the world, in what many call paradise (Hawaii). It is not paradise when you are a manufacturer of PET products for Coca-Cola and other Private Label companies. In 2005, we built a modern PET plant to supply Preforms and Containers to the CSD, water, juice and milk industries. In 2008, we expanded our capabilities and installed a water filling line to produce the Dasani brand product for Coca-Cola. We are the first company, not owned and operated by Coca-Cola, to co-pack this product. In 2009, Pac Allied achieved its ISO 9001 certification. The company is the first and only company in Hawaii to meet these quality standards. We researched various vendors who offered products that met our quality and service standards. We selected SIPA North America for our filling line and Steelhead for our RO system. A very reliable top-of-the-line quality is paramount to a remote location, such as ours in Hawaii, where parts and technical service are not readily available when needed. Our manufacturing plant, which is fully vertically integrated and runs 24/5, requires excellent support from vendors. Steelhead has proven to be the one of the best for our organization.”